Susana Gonçalves

Susana Gonçalves
Susana Gonçalves, Founder & Executive Coach at Meaningful Works

My experience as a client and coach has shown me the true power of coaching. It is one of the most effective tools for transformation and opens up a world of new possibilities.

Susana worked in multinational corporations for over 20 years. This enabled her to fine-tune her management skills and broaden her understanding of organisational dynamics, leadership challenges and performance.

She first came into contact with coaching in 2009, when she took part in a personal development programme at the organisation she was then working at. She went on to train in “Personal, Team and Organisational Coaching” (an ACTP course accredited by the International Coaching Federation), which triggered her special interest in this area of human development.

She then had the opportunity to apply her new leader coach skills to the development of her team. At the same time, she joined the organisation’s Coaching Programme as an in-house coach and ran Coaching and Group Coaching sessions on leadership. She consolidated her position as a professional coach, by leading Executive Coaching and Team Coaching sessions at various levels within the organisation.

In September 2018, when the opportunity presented itself, she launched the Meaningful Works project.

As a coach, she works with people and organisations to help them delineate the objectives and strategies they need to rise to new levels of performance and attain their target outcomes. She facilitates Team Coaching programmes with a focus on building high-performance teams. These help executives, leaders and employees to transform effectively.

She sees herself as creative, self-motivated, resilient, highly adaptable and comfortable in her interpersonal relationships. She practises mindfulness, which she believes is critical to cultivating an authentic and complete presence.

“I thrive in environments that challenge me to impact positively and inspiringly on people’s lives as well as on the development and transformation of organisations.”