Team Communication and Collaboration


Team communication and collaboration are key for enhancing team performance through emotional intelligence.

Improving your team’s performance can be frustrating.

You have tried different approaches to get a group to work well together, set ambitious goals and have a clear vision of the desired future.

But the reality? Reality is often disappointing.

You may have come to the conclusion that creating high performance teams requires a kind of sophisticated magic that is out of your reach.

We believe it doesn’t have to be that way.
We even know you can do it easily.

You just need a system/ methodology that is simple to implement and effective.

In this free workshop Frederico Carvalho from FCLR Consulting and Susana Gonçalves from Meaningful Works will let you know their system, which works with any new or existing team, regardless of its history.


  • How to improve interpersonal relationships through conscious communication and reduce tension between team members
  • Develop collaboration through increased emotional intelligence, establishing psychological security and trust within the team
  • How to enhance team performance through a simple and effective model


This workshop is intended for team/ company leaders and HR managers, who want to develop the performance of their team(s) through increased emotional intelligence.


26th June from 11am to 12pm

Hope you can make it [workshop delivered in Portuguese]: